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CHCE Student Spotlight: Taneeka Clinton, CPC-A

[Charleston, SC] March is Women's History Month. When thinking of the strength of a woman fighting to accomplish life-changing goals, Taneeka Clinton comes to mind. Taneeka was a student of Certitude in 2018. During her course she experienced a tragic loss that would have stopped many of us in our tracks. Instead, she powered through with a sense of urgency to accomplish one goal; becoming a Certified Professional Coder. Taneeka is currently a Claims Processor at the Medical University of South Carolina. She is also an Insurance Agent/Financial Advisor with Primerica. Join us in celebrating her resilience to persevere to the end.

CHCE: How did you hear about Certitude Health Coding Educators?

TANEEKA: I heard about CHCE via the Pathways Scholarship at DSS. I was recommend to attend a meeting by my good friend, Chereta Colonel.

CHCE: What medical coding credential do you currently hold?

TANEEKA: I have my CPC-A. I am currently working on my CPB.

CHCE: How has Certitude Health Coding Educators benefited you?

TANEEKA: CHCE gave me the education I needed to successfully begin my career in medical billing and coding. It has helped me land my current position as Claim Processor at MUSC. My experience at CHCE has taught me that the impossible is possible.

CHCE: How would you describe your experience with the instructor of your course?

TANEEKA: Ms. Simmons goes beyond the call of duty of an instructor. She will go out of her way to ensure you get what you need to succeed. She is compassionate, supportive and dedicated. She has an abundance of knowledge that she pours into her students. She wants to ensure that you have not just learned the information but you understand it. This creates wisdom among her students. She does not just build student/teacher relationships; she creates a bond that lasts a lifetime.

CHCE: How did you overcome personal challenges and stay focused on accomplishing your goals while taking the course?

TANEEKA: I must say time management is the key to success. When I started this program I was working two jobs on top of being a full-time mother of my Fab Four.

Toward the end of my course I suffered from a tragic loss. I lost my fiancé right before it was time to prepare and take my CPC Exam. Anyone who has prepared for and taken this exam knows the complexity of it and how important the prep of this exam is. I was hurt, confused and broken-hearted by his sudden lost. I just wanted to give up on it ALL. While studying for the exam I would find myself in tears and unable to focus. The end seemed so close but yet so far. It would have been so easy to throw in the towel and give up. My faith and determination kicked into overdrive. I began to study and pray very hard. On the morning of the exam my car got bogged-down. So I hopped in my mother's car and zoomed off to take my exam. I just knew I was going to be late and won’t be able to take my exam. But by the grace of God, I made it (barely). At this point my nervousness and anxiety was at an all time. It seems like every negative thought came flooding to my mind, so I said a quick prayer. I could hear my fiancé voice saying, “Calm down Sugafoot you got this.” I took my exam and left with the feeling of failure because toward the end of the exam, due to limit of time, I began guessing some answers. Fast forward to December 2018 my results were in. I was so nervous to check them. So I checked them with my family, and as soon as I opened the results I began to scream and cry out in joy. I DID IT! I passed my exam on the first try with the score of 88%. I am truly grateful for this experience and my support team.

CHCE: What would be your advice to a current and anticipating student of Certitude?

TANEEKA: Let go of fears and replace them with faith. Ask questions so that you gain understanding. Replace those negative thoughts with positive affirmations. Most of all never give up.

Certitude Health Coding Educators provides medical coding training utilizing the approved curriculum of the American Academy of Professional Coders. All courses are taught by Licensed Instructor, Jennifer Simmons, MBA, CPC, CPC-I .

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