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CHCE Student Spotlight: Meet Jason Diaz, CPC

[Charleston, SC] Jason was a student of Certitude Health Educators in 2019. With much dedication and hard work Jason obtained his credentials of Certified Professional Coder in 2020. We'd like to congratulate Jason on his career accomplishment.

CHCE: How did you hear about Certitude Health Coding Educators?

JASON: As an employee at the Medical University of South Carolina I work as a Revenue Optimization Liaison. After working with medical coding for approximately 2.5 years in this role, my leadership gave me an opportunity to become certified in professional coding, so – that’s how my relationship with Certitude Health Coding Educators began!

CHCE: What medical coding credential(s) do you currently hold?

JASON: I hold a Certified Professional Coding (CPC) credential and I am a member of the American Academy of Professional Coders.

CHCE: How has Certitude Health Coding Educators benefited you?

JASON: It was through their thorough instructional approach that I went from having a minimal idea of what is involved in medical coding to gaining a credential that is highly sought after. They gave me tools and tricks of the trade to help me better perform in my role and add a new level of professional understanding that I know will benefit me in my career.

CHCE: How would you describe your experience with the instructor of your course?

JASON: Jennifer was a passionate and involved instructor with a heart for helping us learn at every turn. She was knowledgeable, thorough, and always willing to help us at a moment’s notice with any questions we may have had.

CHCE: What’d be your advice to current and anticipating students of Certitude?

JASON: Take all of the instruction, words of advice, as well as any words of encouragement from these instructors to help guide you in your process. Don’t give up – if it were easy, everyone would be doing it! Keep studying, keep trying!

Certitude Health Coding Educators provides medical coding training utilizing the approved curriculum of the American Academy of Professional Coders. All courses are taught by Licensed Instructor, Jennifer Simmons, MBA, CPC, CPC-I .

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